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The purpose of the Reserve Library is to make information available that is in high demand by many students. This ensures that all users have an equal opportunity of using these items in the library.


Lecturers who want groups of students to have access to specific material can put books and photocopied journal articles on Academic Reserve for specified periods of time.  To put items on reserve complete the Academic Reserves form and hand it in at Academic Reserves together with the books and journal articles.

Please do this in good time as your request will join a queue at busy times such as the beginning of semesters.


Borrowing Procedures 
To borrow items from Academic Reserves, students must use their own student card and may only borrow one item at a time. Loans are for a period of one or two hours, depending on demand. Academic Reserves items have to be used in the library during the day, but may be borrowed overnight or for weekends. Academic Reserves items can be retrieved by using the library's Course Reserve Manager.


Loan Policy
·  Resources are made available to all bona-fide members of the University
·  Staff and students with a valid registration card will be allowed access to items in Academic Reserves
·  Users must have the correct and complete reference when requesting information e.g. author and title for books
·  Book references can be retrieved by using the library iCatalogue


February 2015