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Rules for consulting material


  • Please leave any bags, briefcases, files and books in the lockers provided.
  • Only notepaper, pencils and laptop computers are permitted in the Reading Room.
  • Users must complete and sign a registration form acknowledging that they have read, understood and  will abide by the rules contained in this leaflet, before they may consult any material.
  • Users may not eat, drink or smoke in the Reading Room.
  • Cellphones may not be used in the Archives building.
  • Please do not adjust the vertical blinds in the Reading Room. They must remain closed.
  • Users must request the material they would like to use. They are not permitted into the stacks and may not touch any material in the stack area.
  • Material is available for consultation in the Reading Room only, and is not available for loan.


Handling and consulting material 

  • Before handling any material, please ensure that your hands are clean.
  • Please handle all material with great care.
  • Items must be kept in their existing order.
  • Please consult only one box of material at a time and one folder at a time.
  • Handle documents only by their edges.
  • Only pencils may be used in the Reading Room. Should you not have a pencil, you will be provided with one; kindly hand it in when you have completed your research.
  • No notes or marks may be written on material.
  • Existing notes and marks on material may not be erased or deleted. Folding, tearing, cutting or tracing any material is forbidden.
  • Please do not lean or press on material whilst taking notes. Do not place books or other heavy items on top of documents as this may damage them.
  • Please do not allow material to protrude off the table.
  • The material is likely to fall or get knocked and damaged.
  • Please do not remove photographs from their enclosures.


Copying Services

      Photocopying and scanning of photographs is offered.


  • Users must request any material they would like copied.
  • Photocopying may only be carried out by staff.
  • Material in danger of being damaged will not be copied.
  • Photocopies must be paid for by users.


Scanning of Photographs

  • Photographs scanned for users at their request.
  • Scanned photos e-mailed to users as attachments.
  • No charge for scanning and e-mailing a photo to a user. Adequate time must be allowed for staff to do this work. Last-minute ‘demands’ will not be accommodated.