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These guides will assist you in using library resources and services.   

WorldCat local

Citing References

WCL basic guide to iCatalogue

Harvard guide: print sources 

WCL Finding journals and journal articles    
Harvard guide: electronic sources

Guide to referencing in law 

Guide to Footnoting in law
Government publications SA guidePietermaritzburg    MLA Style - print sources 2014
Newscuttings, Howard College MLA: electronic sources

Standards guide, Howard College
Geography referencing guide, Pietermaritzburg

Statistical sources, Pietermaritzburg

APA 6th guide electronic
Patents, Howard College APA 6th guide print
  Referencing in Microsoft Word

Endnote X6 ; the basics

EndNote X7 2015 basic guide

Database searchingPietermaritzburg

Ebscohost Research Databases Libraries
Evaluating Internet resources CATNIP (Cataloguing Network in Pietermaritzburg)
Sabinet  Introducing Howard College Library
SA ePublications (full text) Introducing Edgewood library
Subject searchingEdgewood Guide to the Pietermaritzburg Library

Westlaw guide

Life Sciences Library guide Pietermaritzburg

Music libraryHoward College
Research Space
University archives: rules for consulting materials
Research Space Pamphlet  University archives: information resources and services
Research Space Submission Guide

Other Subject Guides

Code of conduct for libraries
Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme CCMS 2015, Howard College

Criminology 2015, Howard College
Services History 2015, Howard College
About copyright IOLS 2015, Howard College
Guide for new staff membersPietermaritzburg MIG 2015, Howard College
Inter-library loans Social Work 2015, Howard College
Service for subscribers,  Pietermaritzburg Sociology 2015, Howard College
Visitors' guide, Howard College  
 Updated: January 2017