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This page features information about and links to:
• The SAPSE accredited list
• UKZN Research Office
• Journal Citation Reports
• Bibliographic management packages
• Peer review guidelines by ASSAf
• Sites for writing help

SAPSE accredited list
The SAPSE list is approved by the Department of Education and indicates those accredited journals for which the University receives a subsidy. The list comprises those publications appearing in: The International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS) journal list; the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI) list and a list of South African journals accepted as qualifying for subsidy. To access these lists, go to the UKZN Research Office website and click on the Publications and Research Productivity option.

UKZN Research Office
The UKZN research office provides information about IRMA, code of ethics, grants and awards, full text access to policies and procedures to do with ethics approval, examinations and fees for postgraduate studies and information about intellectual property. Click here to get to their website.

Journal Citation Reports (JCR)
JCR “is a comprehensive and unique resource that allows you to evaluate and compare journals using citation data drawn from over 11,000 scholarly and technical journals from more than 3,300 publishers in over 80 countries. It is the only source of citation data on journals, and includes virtually all areas of science, technology, and social sciences. Journal Citation Reports can show you the:
• Most frequently cited journals in a field
• Highest impact journals in a field
• Largest journals in a field
Citation and article counts are important indicators of how frequently current researchers are using individual journals. By tabulating and aggregating citation and article counts, JCR offers a unique perspective for journal evaluation and comparison.”
There is on online tutorial. Click here to go to JCR.

Bibliographic management packages
Two bibliographic management packages are supported by the University: Endnote, a downloadable product for office and home PC’s, is supported by ICT. To download the software and obtain the user tutorial, click here. Refworks, an online product, is subscribed to by the University libraries and is accessible from the databases list on the Library’s website. Open source software such as Zotero is available via the World Wide Web.

Peer review
The Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf)  has published a National Code of Best Practice in Editorial Discretion and Peer Review for South African Scholarly Journals. This publication covers the principles of research publishing, the core role of editors and the functions of peer reviewers.

Some useful sites for writing help 
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July 2010