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  • While many journals are available in print, many more are available online.
  • Much journal literature is not freely available via search facilities such as Google. Libraries pay subscriptions in order to provide access to this journal literature which can be accessed via the Library’s website.
  • Many online databases (these are collections of journals for multiple years) are subject specific. Some are multidisciplinary.
  • Not all journals or articles are available online in full text.
  • It is possible to search for a single journal, across a collection of journals in a single database and across multiple databases.
  • Start at the UKZN Library’s website:


1. Search multiple databases: Primo
From the Primo screen in the middle of the Library homepage or from the Primo tab at the top right of the homepage click on 'Find articles'

a) Search multiple databases across a range of disciplines
Type keywords in the search box and then click on 'Everything' from the drop down list.
b) Search up to 10 databases for a specific subject area
Type keywords in the search box and then click on the subject collection of databases from the drop down list.

c) Choose your own databases to search (up to 10)
Type keywords in the search box then click on the 'Find databases' tab at the top of the page.
Tick in the boxes next to those databases you would like to search and click on select.

2.Search a single database
From the 'Electronic Resources' tab on the Library's website choose 'Databases A-Z' (if you know the name of the database) and click on the name of the desired database; or, click on 'Databases by subject' for a list of possible databases for a subject area. See below for a list of recommended databases.

Type keywords into the search box and scan results. The results will indicate in which journals articles appear and whether full text is available

 Where full text is not available, click on the 'SFX' icon to see if other Library databases supply the article full text.

Use the Off-Campus Access link if you are not on campus.

3.Google Scholar
From the Electronic Resources tab on the Library's website choose 'Databases A-Z' and click on Google Scholar.

Google Scholar is a subset of the more scholarly literature on Google. However, Google does not possess rights to make full text available in many instances. Where full text is available via UKZN databases, a clickable link will be provided.

TIP: Some of the online databases only provide a citation or an abstract of a journal article. In order to acquire the full article you will need to look for the shelf number of the journal title in the iLink OPAC and check the library shelves.



Primo Search Box

1. Primo 'Find resources'

  • Click on 'Find Resources' and type in the title of the journal in the search box.
  • Select 'Journals' from the drop down menu below the search box.
  • Click on the search button.
  • Search results will show which are available in print (Locations) and online (Online resource).
  • Follow the links.

2. E-journals

  • From the Electronic Resources option on the Library website, click on 'e-Journals A-Z', or choose 'e-Journals' from the options on the Primo page.
  • Type in the title of the journal. If the journal is available online, access details will be provided showing where the journal appears and the time coverage.
  • Click on the relevant link.
3. iLink Catalogue (searching for print journal titles)
  • From the Library website click on 'iLink catalogue'.
  • Type in the title of the journal and click on the journal title tab.
  • Find the journal in the relevant section of the library.
  • Under the E-resources tab on the library webpage select the e-books link.
  • This will take you to a comprehensive listing of all UKZN library's collection of Electronic Books.


Search these online databases to find references to papers and journal articles on your topic.

Business Insights provides detailed analysis and forecasts on several industries, markets and market dynamics.

Cambridge Online Journals Contains some full-text articles. Indexes all journals published by Cambridge University Press in many disciplines.

EbscoHost Provides access to a wide range of multidisciplinary databases.  These databases offer full text journal articles and cover a range of subjects.


Jstor An archive containing more than a thousand academic journals across various disciplines.

Marketline contains quality information on companies, industries and countries helping you understand market trends.


Proquest  A collection of journals, magazines and newspapers containing information on a broad range of reference subjects; includes a Health Module for information on subjects such as substance abuse, insurance and health policy.



South African Data Archive (SADA) NRF database preserves data from a range of data providers including statistical agencies, government departments, opinion and market research companies and academic institutions.

  • Offers fulltext articles
  • Contains bibliographic information with abstracts for articles published in Elsevier and other journals and also provides links to full-text articles published since 1995.

Springer is a huge multidisciplinary database and contains full-text articles published in several journals.

SwetsWise is a multidisciplinary resource with full text journal articles currently available.

Westlaw Provides full-text access to an international range of legal resources including law reports, statutes and journals.



  • Art Full Text offers some full-text articles from 1997- present.
  • Humanities Full Text provides articles from selected core journals published since 1995.


Use a Search Strategy!


This is a plan that helps you to retrieve information which is relevant to your research. To prepare a strategy follow these steps:


1. Define your topic by thinking critically about the information you need and should look for.

2. Analyse your topic by identifying the key concepts, subtopics, parameters and scope of the topic.

3. Identify keywords or search terms that you will use when searching the relevant resources.
  • Keywords must encapsulate the topic
  • Synonyms are useful
  • Use Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT to make your search more specific.

4. Decide on the material type e.g. journal articles or books. Choose the appropriate database for the type of material you require e.g. Sabinet for SA journal articles or EbscoHost for international articles.

5. Search the database you have selected for information. Use the links to access full text articles.

6. Manage your references and citations by noting down the bibliographic details of articles.
  • Consider using a bibliographic management tool like RefWorks or EndNote.
  • Use library referencing guides (in print or on the library website)



SA CAT contains information about journals in other SA libraries.  The holding libraries for each publication are listed.  Inter library loan requests can be made direct from this database but first you will need to obtain your own unique pin number from the InterLibrary Loans Dept. You can place a manual request by filling in the form at the InterLibrary Loans office.


Journals are arranged in subject order according to their Dewey Classification number.  Please ascertain the physical location of print journals when you are visiting any of the libraries.  For example: In the EG Malherbe library print journals are shelved on the 3rd and 4th floors. Only bound issues may be borrowed for 3 days.  Journals numbered 001-299 are house on the 3rd floor of EG Malherbe library and 300-999 are housed on the 4th floor.


Remember for access off-campus you will have to use your lan login and password. This login has a shelf life of 3 months so ensure that it is kept active by regularly logging into the network.  If you encounter a problem with your login you will have to visit the ICT Department on your respective campus.






 Journal Title               

American industrial hygiene association quarterly

Annals of occupational hygiene

Australian journal of labour economics

Bulletin of labour statistics

Division of labour and transaction costs

Emergency services SA/Occupational risk

Industrial and social relations

Industrial relations journal of South Africa

Industrial safety

International labour review

Journal of industrial and management optimization

Journal of occupational and organizational psychology

Journal of organizational behaviour

Just labour: a Canadian journal of work and society

Labour education

Labour market frontiers

Labour market trends

Labour markets and social frontiers

Labour, capital and society

Occupational hazards

Perspectives on labour and income

South African journal of labour relations

The South African industrial relations yearbook

Yearbook of labour statistics





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