Preservation Management of Special Collections Symposium & Workshop

Held at UKZN E.G. Malherbe Library on the 28 and 29 September 2022

Theme: Care, Handling & Storage of Collections

Promoting Preventative Conservation Practice & Integrated Pest Management

Alexio Motsi Keynote speaker
Head of Preservation Management in the National Archives and Records Service of South Africa, Pretoria

Preservation Needs Assessment: the foundation for proper care of archive and librarymaterial

Bradley Mottie & Janene van Wyk
Conservator & Assistant Conservator @ Iziko Museum South Africa

Disaster Response, Recovery and Conservation Interventions, Case Studies at Iziko Museums of South Africa details the experiences, lessons learnt and conservation interventions followed.

Christina Potgieter Curry (Dr)
Principal Technician and Collections Manager of the Bews Herbarium (dried plants museum collection), based in the School of Life Sciences on the Pietermaritzburg campus of UKZN

Integrated Pest Management of the Bews Herbarium: Re-assessing how we manage pests in collections.

Isabelle McGinn (Dr)
Lecturer and Objects Conservator, University of Pretoria

What could go wrong? Identifying potential risks to collections. The presentation focuses on identifying potential threats to collections as the cornerstone of preventative care for collecting institutions, be they Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. This risk management approach is at the core of teaching at the University of Pretoria’s Museum and Heritage Conservation programmes.

Kevin Govender
Managing Director Alpha Technology Systems

Building Management: internal environment / Fire equipment / smoke detectors / alternative methods to water sprinklers – the different types / importance of signage / keeping passage ways clear / storing hazard chemicals in the building / the critical role the aircon ‘plays’ in controlling temperature, relative humidity and air quality within the building / Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Unit (UVGI).

Mary Minicka
Head of Preservation at Western Cape Archives and Records Service.

Disaster management for libraries: resilience, readiness, response, and recovery.

Be Wild Fire Ready (The Emergency Guide to Property Owners in High Wild Fire Inclined Areas)

Samuseums issue on Disaster Management


Michelle Hamer (Prof)
Natural Science Collections Facility

The Natural Science Collections Facility’s approach to improving curation and management across a network of collection institutions in South Africa.

Minenhle Jali
UKZN Law Library Information Officer

Collections Care and its challenges Case study Preservation Needs Assessment: Law Library

Mkhipheni Ngwenya
Principal Technician: Science Collections. KwaZulu-Natal Herbarium, South African National Biodiversity (Sanbi)

Using plants/trees/ animals/insects as a natural way of pest control.

Rakesh Goordeen (Dr)
Occupational Medicine Consultant

There are bugs in my books

Sarah Hamlyn
Conservator – British Library

Caring for our physical collections requires us to balance what can sometimes seem to be conflicting demands. We want to put users at the centre of what we do but their needs and the way they engage with collections are changing. We must also ensure the longevity, and continued use, of our collections for future generations. To do this, we need systems and processes in place to protect our collections while they are in storage, transit, display and use. This short session will focus on the tools, resources and techniques that can help to manage physical collections through their lifetime to ensure effective custodianship.

Shelby Strommer
Collections Care Coordinator – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Preservation Services

Integrated Pest Management in Cultural Heritage Institutions.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) can play a vital role in safeguarding collections in libraries, archives, museums, and special collections. This session will highlight the importance of pest management and the ways pests can damage collection materials, and provide practical information for mitigating those risks. It will also introduce the core elements of IPM including prevention, monitoring, identification, and treatment. After the session, attendees will be able to design and implement IPM programs within their own collections.

Theophile Denys de Bonnaventure
Manager of Memorist SA a division of Stuttaford van lines

Best practices for the conservation and digitization of paper based heritage collections