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Library training to support your studies

6TH – 24TH MARCH 2023

The library is offering basic training in online resources to support your studies: iCatalogue (library resources search engine), EBooks, Google Scholar, EbscoHost, Referencing, ENDNOTE, My Library Account.

Master Class

ClinicalKey & Osmosis Workshop

You're invited to join us for ClinicalKey Student & Assessment and Osmosis Trial Workshops on the 5th and 6th of September 2023. Your participation would be greatly appreciated as we explore these valuable resources together. Academics are invited to engage with us on the 5th of September, while the 6th will be dedicated to students.

Location: Exam Hall, 6th floor, Main Building at Medical School and online

The National Research Foundation (NRF) rating system in a nutshell

How does one measure research output? Research output is often measured using quantitative methods such as citation counts, the h-index, and journal impact factors. In South Africa, research output can be measured and rewarded using the NRF rating system...


What is Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution was a period of scientific and technological development in the 18th century that transformed largely rural, agrarian societies, such as Europe and North America, into industrialized, urban countries. Goods that had once been painstakingly crafted by hand started to be produced in mass quantities by factory machines, thanks to the introduction of new machines and techniques in textiles, iron making and other industries......


Unlocking the Power of Research Data

Research data holds immense potential in driving innovation, addressing challenges, and fostering collaboration within the academic community. The recent "Unlocking the Power of Research Data" event at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) shed light on the significance of effective data management, the role of repositories, and the transformative impact of open science...


Crime on campus

Crime in South African institutions of Higher Education is a notable fact, which often stems from the high crime rates within the country, thereby filtering into universities and colleges of education....


Breaking news! Pmb subject librarian on the run

On June 11 at 5.30 am Simon (Mhlukanisi) Shezi, a subject librarian from the Life Sciences library in Pietermaritzburg ran his first ever Comrades Marathon and as part of the UKZN team. He maintained an even pace and arrived at the finish line in a time of 10:33:25. As a mature entrant to this race...


We have a new remote storage space!

The Life Sciences Library on the Pietermaritzburg campus recently acquired a new remote storage area. This happened by default, as the old remote storage space was needed for the building of the UKZN Zebrafish Research Facility...


UKZN Library Joins Forces with Sabinet to Utilise Open Journal Systems for Sustainable Publishing

Sabinet, a leading provider of library and information services, is delighted to announce that the University of KwaZulu-Natal Library has signed up for the Open Journal Systems (OJS) offering by Sabinet. This innovative platform empowers publishers to achieve sustainability in their publishing efforts while connecting researchers globally and promoting Africa’s knowledge economy....


Messiah or Monster: ChatGPT in Academia

The perfect hack! Well almost! The Chatbot can do miracles! At least for students and learners in the classroom. No kidding! ChatGPT has been trained to harvest relevant data from the vast....


South African Library Week at the UKZN Pmb Library, 2023

South African Library Week (SALW) is celebrated every year in March. It highlights the valuable role of libraries, librarians and all library staff in communities. Libraries can have a life changing effect on individuals in various ways. The theme of SALW this year was “Libraries: telling powerful stories”....

Yabelana Survey

Yabelana Survey

The Library is undertaking a survey on your use and experience of Yabelana, a Figshare Data Repository at UKZN. This will help us identify areas of improvement in order to enhance our services in support of research, teaching and learning and value your feedback. The survey has 7 questions and should take you about 5 minutes to complete. Your participation is completely voluntary and you are free to withdraw at any time; All information will be treated in a confidential manner; Therefore, your response remains confidential.

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Wiley Digital Archives

Integrating hundreds of years of historical evidence into everyday research

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UpToDate is a physician authored evidence-based point of care resource created for all clinicians to help make the right decisions while at the point of care, reducing risk and improving patient outcomes. This tool is used by clinicians world-wide to support clinical decision making, and is a valuable addition at UoJ in preparing students for the future in medicine.

Database training

Primal Pictures

Pioneering digital anatomy, physiology and clinical education resources since 1991

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Working from home?

You can still get remote access to ScienceDirect

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Jan-April 2020 : No3

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Opening Hours

EdgewoodEdminson Library24 hours24 hours24 hours
Howard CollegeBarrie Biermann Architecture Library08h00 – 16h3008h00 – 17h0008h00 – 17h00
EG Malherbe (Main) Library24 hours24 hours24 hours
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Special Collections

PietermaritzburgAlan Paton Centre & Struggle Archives08h00 -16h30ClosedClosed
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Campbell Collections08h00 -16h30ClosedClosed

Library Orientation

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Welcome! Siyakwamukela!

Library Services during Lockdown

All UKZN libraries will open 24 hours a day and seven days a week for students and staff who are permitted to return to campus. However, Barrie Biermann Architecture Library will open weekdays from 08h00 until 23h00 and on weekends from 08h30 until 17h00 and the Eleanor Bonnar Music Library will remain closed

All libraries will close between 12h00 –13h00 for sanitization in line with COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

We continue to work remotely and business communication will continue as per lockdown regulations. Librarians remain available to provide virtual support for teaching, learning and research.

The Main libraries on all campuses will open weekdays from 08h00 until 16h30 for students and staff who are permitted to return to campus. However, the Branch Libraries at the Howard College campus – Barrie Biermann Architecture Library will open only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 13h00 till 15h30 and the Eleanor Bonnar Music library will open only on Thursday from 13h00 till 16h00.  

All libraries will be closed on weekends.   

All libraries will close between 12h00 –13h00 for sanitization in line with COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

We continue to work remotely and business communication will continue as per lockdown regulations. Librarians remain available to provide virtual support for teaching, learning and research.

About the Website

We have revamped and expanded the website. The technology behind the new website is up-to-date, resulting in a website that is cleaner, has a less cluttered design, with simpler navigation and easy to use. It presents a unified view of the library resources and is an important element of our digital infrastructure. The main menu is the gateway to the website.

Our new website represents many months of user research, planning and building, resulting in a website that attempts to be intuitive, accessible and simple to navigate.
We are excited about the enhanced user experience it will offer and invite you to submit comments.

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