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Library Services during Lockdown

All UKZN libraries will open 24 hours a day and seven days a week for students and staff who are permitted to return to campus. However, Barrie Biermann Architecture Library will open weekdays from 08h00 until 23h00 and on weekends from 08h30 until 17h00 and the Eleanor Bonnar Music Library will remain closed

All libraries will close between 12h00 –13h00 for sanitization in line with COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

We continue to work remotely and business communication will continue as per lockdown regulations. Librarians remain available to provide virtual support for teaching, learning and research.

The Main libraries on all campuses will open weekdays from 08h00 until 16h30 for students and staff who are permitted to return to campus. However, the Branch Libraries at the Howard College campus – Barrie Biermann Architecture Library will open only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 13h00 till 15h30 and the Eleanor Bonnar Music library will open only on Thursday from 13h00 till 16h00.  

All libraries will be closed on weekends.   

All libraries will close between 12h00 –13h00 for sanitization in line with COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

We continue to work remotely and business communication will continue as per lockdown regulations. Librarians remain available to provide virtual support for teaching, learning and research.


Postgraduate Library training is now in full swing. Be informed! Join us! From 9 to 14 May 2022 we are offering training in how to use the UKZN library catalogue, create My Library Account, Creating search strategies, Literature Review, Data analysis, referencing with EndNote,  how to use databases and where to publish and making your work visible.

About the Website

We have revamped and expanded the website. The technology behind the new website is up-to-date, resulting in a website that is cleaner, has a less cluttered design, with simpler navigation and easy to use. It presents a unified view of the library resources and is an important element of our digital infrastructure. The main menu is the gateway to the website.

Our new website represents many months of user research, planning and building, resulting in a website that attempts to be intuitive, accessible and simple to navigate.
We are excited about the enhanced user experience it will offer and invite you to submit comments.


Please join us for the launch of the

Festschrift in honour of ES Reddy

Date: 7 May 2022
Venue: UKZN Special Collections
Gandhi-Luthuli Documentation Centre Westville Campus
Time: 14h30 SAST

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UpToDate is a physician authored evidence-based point of care resource created for all clinicians to help make the right decisions while at the point of care, reducing risk and improving patient outcomes. This tool is used by clinicians world-wide to support clinical decision making, and is a valuable addition at UoJ in preparing students for the future in medicine.


In Celebration of South African Library Week

The week of March 14-20, marked the celebration of South African Library Week (SALW). Libraries, public, special and academic around the nation, hosted various events to commemorate this event...


Dissecting EBSCOhost

As a die-hard fan of the Life Sciences, I am more biased towards databases like ScienceDirect and the Web of Science. During the recent round of FYE (First Year Experience) library training sessions on EBSCOhost, it felt like we were dissecting EBSCOhost piece by piece...


The jigsaw puzzle of research … demystified

Have you ever tried completing a jigsaw puzzle of 1000 pieces? When I opened the box of my first 1000 piece puzzle, I looked at the beautiful countryside scenery image on the box, then stared at the many tiny puzzle pieces, and thought “What were you thinking?” It was ...

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Expand Your Research HorizonWithProQuest One Academic:

Start here, Finish here!

21 April 2022 (14:30 - 16:00)

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The Researcher Toolbox Training

24 March 2022 - 06 October 2022

Research related to Sustainable Development Goals and how to find it in Scopus | Policy documents in Scopus, yes! |Research funding - what can I learn from Scopus? | Scopus as an Accredited List | How to Write a Great Research Paper, and Get it Accepted by a Good Journal | All about journal metrics | Making sense of Open Access | Selecting the right journal for your research paper | Harnessing your Scopus author profile | How to write a review article | Predatory journals & other menaces in publishing


The importance of digitization for special collections and the role libraries play

At the present times we are seeing rapid developments in technologies that are changing the fundamental ways that library users find and retrieve the information needed to carry out their studies, work, and other everyday aspects of their lives....


Who am I?

The library provides various services to the University Community. These services are provided by various individuals within the library, each with specific specialisations and skills.
How well do you know the library staff? If I was to describe one of the staff members, would you know who that is by the description?...



It is indeed with much pride that the UKZN Library has earned the bragging rights of outstanding staff dedication to service. 2021 saw the following....


Edgewood Campus (Edminson Library)

My first day of deployment to the Edgewood Campus in April 2014 resulted in a scenic drive from Durban to Pietermaritzburg as I missed the onramp to Richmond Road from the N3 freeway.


Your academic journey through e-books

As you are aware, technological advancement and increased access to information has improved exponentially globally. You simply go online and search and Voila! … What you are looking for appears on your screen wherever you are.....

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Now available on trial until 22 June 2022

EBSCO Discovery Service is an all-inclusive search solution that makes in-depth research easy. The platform offers sophisticated features and functionality that anticipate user intent, helping them get to exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily

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Primal Pictures

Pioneering digital anatomy, physiology and clinical education resources since 1991

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Wiley Digital Archives

Integrating hundreds of years of historical evidence into everyday research

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Working from home?

You can still get remote access to ScienceDirect

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Jan-April 2020 : No3

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