Library Services during level 1 lockdown

The main Library on the campuses will be re-opening on Monday, 5th October 2020 on Weekdays (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) from 09:00-15:00 for students and staff who are permitted to return to campus.

Limited spaces are available for postgraduate students (Masters, Doctoral, Researchers and academics) in the Research Commons.  Access to the Special Collections for users with permits is only possible with an appointment.

No browsing of the collections will be allowed, however a book retrieval service will be offered.  Users may submit requests for circulating material.  Books may be returned to the Issue Desks or Book drop boxes.  Users who do not have permission to access campuses are requested to keep the items until campuses re-open.  All items on loan will be renewed and library fines for overdue material will be waived.

Online services and support will be the primary mode for your teaching, learning and research requirements.  We will continue working remotely and business communication will continue as per lockdown regulations.  

About the Website

We have revamped and expanded the website. The technology behind the new website is up-to-date, resulting in a website that is cleaner, has a less cluttered design, with simpler navigation and easy to use. It presents a unified view of the library resources and is an important element of our digital infrastructure. The main menu is the gateway to the website.

Our new website represents many months of user research, planning and building, resulting in a website that attempts to be intuitive, accessible and simple to navigate.
We are excited about the enhanced user experience it will offer and invite you to submit comments.


UKZN Library is offering online training to equip each College students with the skills to make the best use of the Library’s e-resources. These training sessions will enable students to explore and be familiar with the different types of resources specific to their field.

To Mask or Not

Like most Academic Libraries UKZN Library has been offering virtual service with staff working from home and providing an online service to the university community. Returning to work in September was a surreal experience. The transition of working from home and then going to the physical workspace was somewhat unsettling. Having adapted to Zoom and Microsoft Teams.......

Returning to work in the time of Covid-19

Like me, have you ever thought that you would be returning to work after a seven-month absence? It feels somewhat surreal but then again nothing is unusual in the age of Covid-19. Having felt so protected within the confines of our homes, it now feels as though we are venturing into uncharted territory. We all have to adapt to a “new norm” set of routines.......

Lemonade anyone?

We all have different definitions of success. For some, it is to get a certain job, or to buy a fancy car (who doesn’t want to own a BMW, Mercedes or Ferrari?). For others, it is owning a home or opening a business. And for others, it is academic success; to complete that undergraduate degree and possibly pursue postgraduate studies to expand opportunities for employment.....

Silent Superheroes in the Library

Interest in movies about superheroes never seems to wane. Marvel continues to produce movies about various superheroes which enthralls millions of people around the world.......

Jan-April 2020 : No3

The Check-Out
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