Opening of University Libraries during Lockdown Level 1

The Main libraries on all campuses and the Howard College Law Library will open weekdays from 08h00 until 23h00 and on Saturdays from 08h30 until 15h30 for students and staff who are permitted to return to campus. 

However, the Branch Libraries at the Howard College campus – Barrie Biermann Architecture Library will open only on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 13h00 till 16h00 and will be closed on weekends. The  Eleanor Bonnar Music library still remains closed on weekdays and Saturdays.

The Branch Libraries in Pietermaritzburg (Law and Life Sciences) will open on weekdays from 08h00 until 16h30 and will be closed on weekends until further notice.  

All libraries will close between 12h00 –13h00 for sanitization in line with COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

We continue to work remotely and business communication will continue as per lockdown regulations. Librarians remain available to provide virtual support for teaching, learning and research

About the Website

We have revamped and expanded the website. The technology behind the new website is up-to-date, resulting in a website that is cleaner, has a less cluttered design, with simpler navigation and easy to use. It presents a unified view of the library resources and is an important element of our digital infrastructure. The main menu is the gateway to the website.

Our new website represents many months of user research, planning and building, resulting in a website that attempts to be intuitive, accessible and simple to navigate.
We are excited about the enhanced user experience it will offer and invite you to submit comments.

ClinicalKey Physician Training Webinar

Do not miss to attend the big webinar hosted by Elsevier on “ClinicalKey” to master all the features of CK through the advanced training sessions which will be held on Tuesday 11th May.2021 at.......

ClinicalKey student Training

We are hosting a ClinicalKey Student training virtual session, so please stop by to learn more about this valuable resource.

Date: Thursday 6th May 2021

What I have learned from the online library training sessions

The library has just completed an intensive two-week online training session for first-year students via Zoom. Sessions included training on Referencing and Google Scholar amongst other topics....

Diversity in the workplace

Every company has a unique set of goals and the diversity practices must align with them to be successful. Even today employees in organizations or libraries have different cultures and personalities.........

Life in the time of COVID-19

Have you read the novel “Love in the time of cholera” by Gabriel García Márquez? It chronicles the love story of two individuals who were prevented from being together due to the age old criteria of class distinction and social standing, and their subsequent reunion, years later, during a cholera outbreak. The title of the novel gives an idea of what the novel is about but, to understand the journey of these individuals, you need to follow their story through the intricate narrative outlined by the author.....

A downright network meltdown

For those of us working remotely, we are all too familiar with the term “network issues”. You will know that networks work some of the time or not at all. Since lockdown last year the university assigned network has been consistent in that it has worked most of the times. If at times it did not work, I would switch over to my home network.........

Fortune favours the brave

For those of us familiar with the John Wick movies, John has a tattoo across his back which reads "Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat". That is a Latin proverb which translates to "fortune favours the bold" or “fortune favours the brave”. John Wick’s character faces constant adversity resulting in action-filled movies with John triumphing against all odds due to his tenacity and unwavering determination to survive........

Curiosity killed the cat … Really?

The Oxford English dictionary defines curiosity as “Desire to know or learn”. There are negative and positive connotations to the word curiosity. Curiosity which is merely inquisitiveness into matters which do not concern us, could have negative ramifications............

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