Library Code of Conduct

The UKZN Library exists to support the vision and mission of UKZN. Within this context, UKZN Library seeks to provide an environment that is conducive to teaching, learning and research. The Library has developed a code of conduct to ensure that library users and university personnel make maximum use of library collections, services and facilities. This code of conduct will be enforced to protect the violation of the rights of library users, university personnel and university property.


  • You must carry your Student /Staff card at all times; this is an University requirement;
  • The Student/Staff card is your form of identification and is not transferable and should not be loaned to others;
  • You must hand over your Student/Staff card when requested; failure to do so will be dealt under the University disciplinary procedures (UKZN Rules for student’s 2016 book, Section 9.22).

It is unacceptable to:

  • Gain access to the Library by using someone else’s card to enter;
  • Allow someone else to use your card to enter; Gain access to the Library by means other than the designated entrances.

Users will not engage in the following Prohibited Behaviours, including but not limited to:
All Library Users are to abide by the following rules and MUST NOT:

  • Consume food or beverages (with the exception of water) in the Libraries;
  • Litter;
  • Speak at a volume or in a tone that disturbs others;
  • Speak on cellular phones in the Libraries. Cellular phones to be in silent mode;
  • Smoke in the Libraries; including the smoking of e-cigarettes.
  • Consume or be intoxicated with alcohol;
  • Be in unauthorized areas of the Library, remain in the Library after closing or when requested to leave during emergency situations or evacuation drills;
  • Open emergency exits except in emergency situations;
  • Vandalize or deface Library buildings, furniture or equipment;
  • Create a disturbance or behave in a manner which interferes with the normal use of the Libraries (such behavior includes that which is noisy, impedes access to material, is sexually offensive or verbally abusive) or fail to be quiet and considerate at all times;
  • Harass library staff or library users;Use personal radios or stereos in the Libraries;
  • Engage students in games such as cards.

Access to Library Material and Facilities

  • Remove or attempt to remove library materials, equipment or property without having them issued or without proper authorization;
  • Refrain from misuse, misappropriation or damage to library collections, resources, furniture, buildings or equipment;
  • Avoid eating snacks and drinking beverages while handling or working around library materials;
  • Fail to either return or renew library materials when due, and recalled by the library;
  • Mutilate library materials by: marking, underlining, or removing pages or portions of pages; removing binding, or electronic detection devices; damaging or defacing library materials or property in any way;
  • Conceal library materials in the libraries for the exclusive use of an individual or group;
  • Fail to pay for lost or damaged library materials;
  • Handle books and journals carefully, especially when photocopying and adhere to the Copyright Act (see University Copyright policy);
  • Photocopying of books and journals is not allowed as per the Copyright Act;
  • Unauthorised access to the library facilities i.e. Research Commons, study carrels, study rooms etc.;Access to electronic resources e.g. library databases should be used to support UKZN teaching, learning and research.

Consequences of Failure to Comply with the Code of Conduct
When a user displays (commits) or attempts to commit any offences, does not adhere to Library policy, rules or regulations may be subject to the following:

  • Verbal warning / instruction
  • Asked to present identification (in the form of a student or staff card) to Library staff member
  • Subject to search ‘bags’ by a designated official / UKZN staff member
  • Being asked to leave the Library premises if they do not comply
  • Being suspended from all Library facilities for a period of time
  • Being reported to Risk managementBeing reported to the University proctor

You are also referred to the University rules for Student Discipline, by which every registered student agrees to abide.