Newspaper Articles

These are published newspaper reports which cover current events and topical issues. They are a valuable source of current information but as newspapers are produced very quickly and are sometimes sensational, the facts they publish might contain inaccuracies. It is wise to confirm facts in these articles.

A number of newspaper websites and newspaper databases are available.

South African Newspaper Websites

For newspapers that are not on the list below, try South African newspapers on the Internet – a list compiled by Karen Fung of Stanford University Library.

Other Newspaper Websites

Newspaper gateway

Daily Monitor

E-commerce Times


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SA Media covers over 120 South African newspapers and periodicals with more than 500 articles selected daily, categorized and indexed in Afrikaans and English. Copies of original articles are available from microfiche archives for the period 1978 to 1996. Digital images of articles are available online since January 1997 in both TIF and PDF format. This database is compiled and maintained by the Institute for Contemporary History (INCH) at the University of the Free State.

The microfiche archive is housed in Room L45 in Special Collections on the Lower Ground floor of the EG Malherbe Library, Howard College Campus; and at the Cecil Renaud Library, Pietermaritzburg Campus.


Searching SA Media
Searches can be conducted using any of these fields:

  • Subject terms: Use subject terms or phrases in either English or Afrikaans when searching the period 1987 – June 2001. After this date it is also possible to search using phrases in the titles of newscuttings.
  • Category Number: 24 numbered subject categories are used to categorize newscuttings. Select the relevant category from a drop down menu on the search page.
  • Publication: Searches can be limited to one particular newspaper by selecting the name of the newspaper from the drop down menu.
  • Searches can be further refined by date – full publication date or year only; type of publication  and Language.

Searching INCH Newscuttings on Microfiche
To locate your newscutting in the Microfiche collection for the period prior to 1997, you will need to know the category, location (identification) number and the year of publication of the newscutting you require.

These details can be obtained from an online search of SA Media, or by using the Keyword List and the Cuttings Index housed with the microfiche collection. Once you have this information proceed as follows:

Select the cabinet drawer containing the appropriate year

  • Check through the fiches in the relevant subject category
  • Select the fiche whose document numbers include the document number of the news-cutting you require
  • View the fiche using the microfiche reader
  • You may make prints of news-cuttings – check with library staff for the current price