Howard College Libraries

Circulation Head: Omesh Jagarnath –

Address: Howard College Campus, Mazisi Kunene Road, Durban 4041

Contact Information: Telephone: +27-31-260 2007 /2057  Fax:+27-31-260 2051    

Facilities: Braille room; Conference room; Group study rooms; Photocopiers; Postgraduate
study carrells; Training LAN (20 seats); The Writing Place; Computer facility
for partially-sighted students; a Research Commons for postgraduate research
students and researchers (18 seats); Wi-fi hotspot!

Location: Near the Student’s Union and Business Concourse.



The EG Malherbe Library or Main Library serves the
needs of staff and students in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Development
Disciplines and Engineering.

The collection consists of more than 475 000 volumes
of books, journals and other items in various formats, and a growing collection
of electronic resources. Various special collections include collections of
medieval manuscripts, South African government publications, early scientific
and engineering books, an African studies collection focusing on local content,
an important audio-visual collection supporting the teaching programmes, and a
small collection of South African art works some of which were commissioned for
the building, including ceramics, tapestries, pottery, paintings, woven
materials and sculptures.

It was named the EG Malherbe Library in 1988 after
the University’s former principal, who guided the University College to full
University status in 1949. There are also three branch libraries on the Howard
College Campus which house resources for Architecture, Law and Music.



Ground Floor
Entrance to/ Exit from the Library

Issue Desk
InfoFind@UKZN Office
Information Officer, Reference Collection
Leisure Reading Collection
Accounts (Inquire and Clear library fines)
Reference Collection (R)
Research Commons

Lower Ground Floor
Conference Room

Photocopy Room
Information Officer, Special

First Floor
Books from 001 to 299

Photocopy Machines
Book Room

Second Floor
from 300 to 849
Subject Librarian’s Office

Third Floor

from 850 to 999
Journals from J 001 to J 299
Reference Bibliographies and Abstracts
Theses and Dissertations (Masters and PhD)
Subject Librarian’s Office

Fourth Floor
Journals from J 300 to J 999

Standards Collection
Librarian’s Office

Branch Librarian: 
: Howard College Campus, Mazisi Kunene Road, Durban 4041

Contact Information: Telephone: +27-31-2602692   Fax: +27-31-2602051 

Facilities: Photocopiers

Location: 7th level, Denis Shepstone Building.

Library Layout:

Library hours

The Architecture library was established in 1969 and named after an influential teacher and architect. The Barry Biermann Architecture Library serves the needs of the staff and students of the School of Architecture, Planning and Housing.

The collection consists of almost 35 000 volumes of books, journals, plans, models, and rare early architectural books. Journals are arranged in alphabetical order on the shelves. 

The Early Architecture Collection (EA) consists of rare and valuable books in the field of architecture. These books are non-loanable. They are distinguished from books in other collections by the prefix EA in their shelf location number e.g. EA 722.8 SAY

Housed in the Architecture Library is a Technical Reference Library of trade literature, slides and drawings (including local drawings of historic value and some excellent student work).

Special rules which apply to resources:
·     Academic Reserve material may be borrowed overnight and on week-end loan
·     Journals may not be borrowed
·     Books and journals required for scanning purposes must be checked out at the Issue Desk
·     LAN access is via the library from 8:00-22:00 during term time and requires an access control disc

January 2015

Librarian: Mr. Mbongiseni Magagula


Address: Howard College Campus, Mazisi Kunene Road, Durban 4041

Contact Information: Telephone: +27-31-260 2642  Fax: +27-31-2602051 

Facilties: Photocopiers; Audio booths

Location: Francis Stock Building near the Main Entrance Gate.

Library hours

The Music Library was established in 1972 and is named after the donor of the core collection.
The Eleanor Bonnar Music Library is one of the largest music libraries in Africa and one of the finest in the Southern Hemisphere. It is housed in the School of Music and serves the Music Programme in the Faculty of Human Sciences and the provincial orchestra.

The collection consists of over 35 000 items in many different formats – books, journals, scores (including a valuable collection of historical sets and complete editions), microfilms, tapes, LPs, compact discs, CD-ROMs, DVDs and video cassettes.

Of particular interest are five collections: 

  • a rare archival collection of black South African popular music
  • the Malcolm Hunter Collection of recordings of early jazz and swing from 1895-1980
  • the Wilf Lowe Collection which includes bebop and other post-World War 2 styles
  • a large ethnographic record collection
  • the Ronald Crichton / Juan Soriano Opera Collection housed in the Opera Studio and Academy in the Jubilee Hall

Special rules apply to music resources:

  • borrowing of books and bound journals is open to all members of the University
  • borrowing of scores is restricted to the staff and students of the School of Music only
  • certain scores, historical sets and complete editions are restricted and may only be borrowed by staff of the School of Music
  • records, tapes, CDs, videos and DVDs may only be borrowed by staff of the School of Music
  • use of records, tapes, CDs, videos and DVDs is restricted to staff and students of the School of Music only

Updated: August 2016.

Subject Librarian: Ms Kadephi Majola (

Address: Howard College Campus, Mazisi Kunene Road, Durban 4041

Contact Information: Telephone: +27-31-260 1387 / 2541   Fax: +27-31-2602051  

Facilities: Computer LAN for undergraduates (63 seats); Photocopiers

Location: Howard College Building

Library Layout: View Floor Plan 
Library Hours

The library was established in 1972 and is named after a distinguished professor of law.  The GMJ Sweeney Law Library houses the Law collections and serves the needs of the staff and students of the Faculty of Law, as well as the legal fraternity of greater Durban.

The collection consists of over 37 000 volumes of books, journals, and law reports, including good collections of early law books and environmental law. Emphasis is placed on electronic retrieval of local law resources which are available through a student LAN in the Library.