UKZN is at work to establish a value-driven organisational culture that empowers the institution and its people to achieve institutional goals. The guiding values are respect, excellence, accountability, client orientation, honesty and trust – represented as R.E.A.C.H.T The gist of these values is that the behaviour and actions of everyone at UKZN will demonstrate:


UKZN undertakes to promote mutual respect, courtesy, and inclusiveness.

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UKZN undertakes to display quality, leadership and energy in all that it does.

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UKZN promises to be responsible and accountable in the behaviour displayed towards all its stakeholders.

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Client Orientation:

UKZN undertakes to satisfy the needs of all its clients, stakeholders and partners, on a consistent basis.

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UKZN promises to deliver with integrity steadfastly and with adherence to good governance.

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Trust underpins all the other institutional values. The implicit trust enjoyed by every member of UKZN and their well-defined actions that embrace the R.E.A.C.H.T values are the important ingredients of the moral fibre of the institution.

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