Placing a Book Order

Book order requests or recommendations can now be submitted using the printable order form. This Printable order form should be used for the purchase of books and other material (excluding journals) for UKZN Libraries. Purchases are make in accordance with the UKZN Libraries Acquisitions Policy.


Once completed, please print out your order form and hand to your Subject or Campus Librarian.


Be certain to include the following information:

  • Bibliographic information
  • Campus library (Where item will be housed)
  • Department / Course
  • Email address
  • Staff number


For your convenience, you may click on this link for the Printable order form.
The website GetTextbooks is a helpful source for bibliographic data and book prices.


Please note that your order must be authorized by your Library Representative.
Once these order forms are received by the library, they will be processed and you will be notified by email.


When the item is received by the library and accessioned, you will receive a second email notifying you of its availability.


April 2015